Manual L-sealer with Shrink Tunnel Machine

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Manual L Sealer Shrink Tunnel Machine use for accurate seal and cutting. Manual L-Sealer with Shrink Tunnel Machine is highly reliable and provides years of dependable service. Online L-Sealer with Shrink Tunnel Machine,web sealer with shrink tunnel manufacturers finds applications for Stationery, Sweets, Gift Packets, Confectionery, Welding Rods, Bottles, Cosmetics, etc

Products Details:
Operation Manual
Voltage 220V
Brand Ap
  • Heavy Duty Electronic Timer
  • Adjustable working platform and height for
  • Various products size.
  • 6-8 pouch per minute
Technical Details:
Model Seal Area Power Con. Power Mec. Dia.
APSL 1510 15" X 10" 0.5 KW 230 V 1041 X 406 X 1219 mm
APSL 2015 20" X 15" 0.8 KW 230 V 1270 X 610 X 1372 mm
APSL 2520 25" X 20" 0.9 KW 230 V 1397 X 737 X 1372 mm
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